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Visitor comments - Some comments from our "visitor" book - For more recent independent comments please see Lady Anne Boat Trips reviews on TripAdvisor.

12th May 2014 - Fabulous afternoon trip.  Two otters.  Two golden eagles.  One juvenile white tailed eagle.  Real close-up of 7 black-throated divers in breeding plumage, as well as great northern and young red throated (we think).  Glorious sunshine throughout and some of the most inaccessible parts of these islands made accessible ....

- Jane Gallagher and Jason Bagley

20th Aug 2012 - I've been looking at the Monach Islands across the sea for the last 24 years, and today I finally got to set foot there! I have been to six continents and seen many island paradises in the Caribbean, South Pacific and Indian Oceans ... but this is the most splendid paradise of all!  So wild and free and empty - I will be back! - Sophie MacDougall, Oxford, Bristol, Baleshare

19th July 2012 - We skirted round the big grey clouds and were lucky enough to be entertained by sea eagles, seals, terns, herons, oystercatchers, gannets, shearwaters and geese - The Prestons

26th June 2012 - Best boat ride I have ever had and all wild life and scenery fantastic - Anne Fitzroy

7th May 2012 - Party of 11 to the Monachs.  Many thanks for advice and superb arrangements, Nick - St Kilda Working Party 2004

10th April 2012 - 6 sea eagles in one spot! Seals, herons,.... and even a couple of fish for tea! - Mark Tidmarsh and the Hannons

31st March 2012 - Fantastic to see all three hills at the back of South Uist from the "other side" - Julie

22nd July 2011 - Fantastic trip, spectacular display from the sea eagles - not to be missed! Johnsons, Edinburgh

12th July 2011 - One of the most exhilerating and stimulating experiences of my life. Wow, it was bracing! - Daniel Madden, Peebles

4th July 2011 - A wonderful journey to Heisgeir to visit the home of my great grandfather Donald MacAulay, Croft H. Thank you so much Nick for this amazing experience - Alexander MacDonald MacAulay, Richmond Virginia

20th June 2011 - Really wonderful trip - good weather, calm sea & 20 or so basking sharks and the cream on the top, landing on Shillay and the Monach lighthouse - Vanessa

9th June 2011 - Great! 2 sea eagles really close to boat, black throated divers and lots of seals - lucky Ray Mears! - Clive, Jane and baby

10th May 2011 - Many thanks for an amazing trip - Ray Mears (filming Wild Britain)

27th August 2010 - Fantastic trip to Monach Isles. Seeing the red throated diver, black throated diver and all the herons was amazing. Absolutely beautiful islands. Best boat trip ever - Moira and Trevor Gercken, Aberdeen

17th August 2010 - Thanks a lot for the great experience to catch my first fish - A. Gawlik, Germany

29th July 2010 - A unique and wonderful experience never to be forgotten. Moran taing! - Martin Magulies, Connecticut and North Locheynort

20th July 2010 - We saw an amazing variety of wildlife including porpoises, seals and an otter which we watched for ten minutes. Absolutely magical, thank you so much - Fiona and Alistair

13th July 2010 - A very special day with our own private beach. We saw grey seals, eider ducks, shellducks, fulmars, spoilt for choice. The day ended with us fishing, 6 fish caught in quick time! Thank you for such a special day, one to cherish and remember - Flossie and Puffin 

29th June 2010 - Trip to the Monachs - fantastic day - seen sharks, seals and even a cloud that looks like a rabbit - Rob Lewis, MacAulay Institute, Aberdeen

22nd June 2010 - Weather is not an impediment! Despite rain and squalls we watched nine black-throated divers while a sea eagle watched us - Kate

14 Jun 2010 - A great day out - the basking shark views were superb - Robert and Caroline Gibbs

19th May 2010 - Great trip to Ronay and Wiay - Great Northern diver, red-throated and black-throated diver, black guillemot, razorbill, arctic tern, merganser, golden eagle, merlin, twite, rock dove, otter spraint on Wiay - a beautiful island. Colin Barr, Cumbria

Undoubtedly a highlight of our trip to North Uist, and so glad we did it! Thank you! Excellent value!! (saw otter, sea eagles, stags, cormorants, seals, sandpiper..) - Jim and Kathleen McCormick, Glasgow

Seeing the porpoises jumping and playing in the water and the baby seals sliding around ... Lots of birds - great skua and red throated diver amongst many that were seen flying.Wonderful boat trip seeing so many beautiful animals amongst such stunning scenery...
We all had a really fantastic time - wonderful landscape, wildlife - and we caught our supper. Many thanks indeed - a great experience which we will recommend to others. - Murdo MacDonald, Tracy Sanderson and various children.

Just fantastic - loved the views, the company and the fishing. Thank you - the Reillys of Yeovil
Loved every minute of it :) Charlie age 14

Il capitano della Lady Anne e una persona veramentemolto gentile, a ha portatoin posti belissimi - grazie mille - Rosalda, Alberto, Francesco.

14 Aug 09 - What a brilliant family morning out! Merganser chicks skidding out of our path, a huge grey seal and a family of red deer observing us from some rocky outcrop. A quick mackerel stop which provided a supper for nine in less than two minutes. And tea for all on the way home. All this accompanied by an always interesting commentary. Just perfect! - Bernard from Oxford

Brilliant trip - did it twice! Very flexible, saw loads of wildlife, great scenery. Kids enjoyed it too. Good value outing! - Marshalls of Sheffield.

2 Sept 2009 - Fabulous fishing - One box of all sorts. Excellent time. Michael Stark

Welch traumhaft schöner Morgen! Diese wundervolle Fahrt hat uns bereichert. Wir sahen Robben, Rehe und sogar einen Adler...Und der supernette Kapitän hat uns alles erklärt. A quality moment! Claire & Niggie, Basel-Switzerland

View from our eagle cam
View from our eagle cam
View from our seal cam
View from our seal cam
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View from flying fish cam
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