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Phone  Nick  01870 602403



I am running trips on any days when the weather is

suitable and there is some demand, which is

certainly most weekdays and some weekend days. 

Details of trips will are posted on the page This

Week ( See link on left side of this page ). All trips

depart from Kallin Harbour.


The same pair of white tailed eagles are nesting on

Ronay again this year, albeit in a different site.  We

are already enjoying another season of fantastic

close sightings and flybys !  



For details of when trips to the Monach Islands are 

happening in 2017,  I have posted clusters of

suitable dates on the WHERE WE GO page.  They

coincide with the days shortly after the full moon

and the new moon.


If you are a Facebook user, check out  Lady Anne Boat Trips  for news and photos of what was seen over the last year.


I really look forward to welcoming you aboard in
2017.   Local trips cost just £25 for adults - £15 for
kids - and are terrific value!!


Setting off on the Lady Anne
Nick, your skipper
Four stags swimming
Rissos Dolphins off Ronay
Two friendly killer whales
White tailed sea eagle
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